Plaintiff while operating a motor scooter on a through road - $1,400,000 Settlement

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Date of Settlement/Verdict: February 15, 2005
Court: Supreme Court Ulster County
Age/Occupation: 48 year old teacher.
Case Facts: Plaintiff while operating a motor scooter on a through road was struck by a car entering the thoroughfare from a side road. Plaintiff was believed dead at scene and covered with sheet until passerby detected life signs and resuscitation efforts were begun.
Injuries/Damages: 3 rib fractures left side, 8 rib fractures right side, right femur fracture, left wrist fracture, right tibial plateau fracture, closed head injury, pulmonary contusion, left distal radial fracture, and degloving injury right elbow. Plaintiff engaged in intensive physical therapy and rehabilitation returning to teaching within one year of injury at same position and rate of pay.
NOTE: Plaintiff made tremendous recovery from significant physical injuries due to intense drive to succeed at physical therapy and rehab. Case handled by Alfred Mainetti.

Awarded: $1,400,000

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