Plaintiff 20 year old unemployed high school graduate -$869,980 Settlement

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Date of Verdict: April 12, 2005
Court: Supreme Court Orange County
Age/Occupation: Plaintiff 20 year old unemployed high school graduate Case Facts: Plaintiff on September 20, 2002 entered and drank with of age friends at a bar becoming intoxicated. Gave keys to his motor vehicle to intoxicated friend who drove car off road. Defendant driver of vehicle and bar under New York Dram Shop.
Injuries/Damages: Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries, most seriously, a traumatic brain injury requiring substantial rehabilitative treatment and resulting in some significant limitations, though plaintiff has a use of all motor functions and drives, his employability is significantly limited.
NOTE: Jury verdict resulted in a significant apportionment of injuries to plaintiff and Dram Shop cause of action. However, same was reversed on appeal and case settled against bar at second trial. Case was tried by Alfred Mainetti.

Awarded: $869,980

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