Plaintiff 60 year old disabled retiree - $5,025,000 Settlement

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Date of Settlement: November 27, 2006

Court: Supreme Court, Ulster County

Age/Occupation: Plaintiff, single 60 year old disabled retiree,.

Case Facts: Plaintiff was at a service station about to place gas in his motorcycle when trucker operating his highway striping vehicle at an unsafe rate of speed on adjacent road struck a vehicle in front of him. The highway marking vehicle which was a large heavy truck, as a result of the impact with the rear of the vehicle in front of it, rode up on the vehicles trunk, lost steering control and skidded off the road into the service station. The truck then struck plaintiff's motorcycle, the gas pumps and plaintiff while still traveling at a high rate of speed throwing plaintiff fifty (50) feet in the air and almost amputating plaintiff's leg at the scene. Emergency personnel quickly on the scene managed to save his life and plaintiff was helicoptered to Albany Medical Center's trauma unit. At the scene, plaintiff asked emergency personnel to take care of his beloved dogs, aware of his serious injuries.

Injuries/Damages: Plaintiff sustained severe injuries to his left leg, including fracture of femur, lower epiphysis, and multiple fractures of fibula and tibia. Eventually, despite heroic efforts by surgeons of the trauma unit the injuries required above knee amputation. Plaintiff's long hospital stay including treatment for numerous skin graphs, harvesting of vein graphs from right arm and upper arms and multiple surgeries. Plaintiff was released to rehabilitation center and confined to a wheel chair until slowly through physical therapy able to have limited movement on crutches. Prosthetic limb was generally unsuccessful. Plaintiff's pre-existing diabetic condition complicated plaintiff's healing. Recovery was for pain and suffering only, there was no loss of income.

NOTE: Jury was selected and case settled only after opening statement by Alfred Mainetti. Case prepared by Alfred Mainetti and Joseph O'Connor.

As published inVerdict Search, one of the most recognized publications for major settlements.

Awarded: $5,025,000

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