Man suffers from a "stroke' weeks after an automobile accident-$600,000 Settlement

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Date of Settlement: August 15, 2013

Court: Supreme Court, Ulster County

Case Facts: An automobile accident which occured on November 6, 2011 on State Route 28 in Kingston, NY wherein Plaintiff was operating his motor vehicle. An oncoming car crossed the road and struck Plaintiff's automobile. It was alleged that the operator of the oncoming car had an unexpected, unforeseeable seizure and passed out. There was medical testimony forwarded by defense in support of same.

Plaintiff left the scene of the accident believing he had no injury. Shortly thereafter, he began experiencing some pain, causing him to seek medical and chiropractic care for cervical strain and difficulty walking. He was diagnosed with suffering a stroke occuring approximately three weeks after the accident.

In October of 2012, some eleven months after the accident, Plaintiff was able to obtain a report from a neurologist concluding that his presentation was not typical for a stroke and that the trauma of the accident produced a carotid dissection which was the cause of Plaintiff's significant loss of left body function and extensive physical therapy and rehab.

The case was resolved for the sum of $600,000.00 during the strongly contested medical issue as to the causation of Plaintiff's injuries. Plaintiff was represented by Alfred B. Mainetti Esq. of Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C.

Awarded: $600,000

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