Case Results

$7,000,000 - An Infant Sustained a Brain Injury as a Result of a Car Accident Settlement

$5,025,000 Settlement - Plaintiff 60 Year Old Disabled Retiree

$3,500,000 Settlement - Plaintiffs Were Riding on a Motorcycle in Sullivan County, NY

$3,350,000 Settlement - Wawarsing Man Was Badly Injured When He Fell from a Roof

$3,200,000 Settlement - 2 Brothers in a Construction Accident

$2,750,000 Settlement - 60 Year Old Union Pipe Fitter

$2,500,000 - Retired Police Sergeant Injured in Fall

$2,250,000 Settlement - 31 Year Old Professional was Involved in a MVA

$2,025,000 Settlement - A 65-Year-Old Yard Worker

$2,000,000 Verdict - A Female Resort’s Manager Involved in a Tractor-Trailer Accident

$2,000,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was Diagnosed With Atrial Fibrillation by His Physician

$1,500,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was Crossing City Street in Crosswalk

$1,500,000 Settlement - Kingston Woman Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

$1,400,000 Settlement - Plaintiff While Operating a Motor Scooter on a Through Road

$1,400,000 Settlement - Plaintiff 45 Year Old Union Iron Worker

$1,400,000 Verdict - Plaintiff Injured in Rear-End Collision

$1,325,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was on the Job Using a Ladder to Repair a Tension Spring

$1,220,000 Settlement - Motorcyclist was fatally injured in the town of Poughkeepsie.

$1,095,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was 39 yrs Old and Was a Self-Employed Restaurant Owner

$1,050,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was Playing in her Driveway When She Was Run Over

$1,000,000 Settlement - Plaintiff 41 Year Old Part Time Roofer

$990,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was Removing a Commercial Water Storage Tank

$925,000 Settlement - 35-Year-Old Twin Sisters

$869,980 Settlement - Plaintiff 20 Year Old Unemployed High School Graduate

$815,000 Settlement - A Male Musician and Studio Producer

$750,000 Settlement - Plaintiff, a Warrant Officer with the NYS Dept of Corrections

$750,000 Settlement- 30 Year Old Patron of Bar Was Assaulted

$715,000 Settlement18 Year Old, Part-Time Laborer

$700,000 Settlement- Plaintiff Present at Sam's Club at the Time Construction

$700,000 Settlement- A 62-Year-Old Union Laborer

$700,000 Settlement- 37 Year Old Single Woman Employed With Part Time Business

$660,000 Settlement - 44-Year-Old Stage Hand

$650,000 Settlement - A 41-Year-Old Woman in an ATV Accident

$640,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was in the Grandstand at the Lebanon Valley Motor Speedway

$625,000 Settlement - Plaintiff Was Using a Ladder While in the Course of his Work

$600,000 Settlement - Man Suffers From a "Stroke' Weeks After an Automobile Accident

$525,000 Settlement - A Postal Employee Was Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

$525,000 Settlement - A 55 Year Old Local Employee Was Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

$510,000 Settlement - Plaintiff While Employed to Repair Interior of Huge Cement Kiln is Injured

$362,000 Settlement - A 67-Year-Old, Self Employed Man Hit on His Motorcycle

$360,000 Settlement - A Stock Clerk/Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle

$350,000 Verdict - Plaintiff Was Struck in the Rear by Defendant's Vehicle on West Side Highway

$300,000 Settlement - A 44-Year-Old male Motorcyclist

$250,000 Verdict - Plaintiff Was a 45-Year-Old Optometrist’s Assistant

$250,000 Settlement - A Seventeen Year Old Student, Who Was Hit Head-On

$242,500 Settlement - A 35-Year-Old Laborer/Truck Driver

$220,000 Settlement - A Female Census Taker Involved in Car Accident and Slip and Fall

$205,000 Verdict - 84-Year-Old Woman Suffered Fractured Femur

$200,000 Settlement - A Minor Passenger Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

$190,000 Settlement - A Retired Couple Involved in a Head-On Car Accident

$100,000 Settlement - Ulster County Woman Pedestrian Struck by a Car

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