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Whether you were burned in a car accident, electrical fire or by a faulty product, burn injuries are usually severe. The pain of recovering from a burn and the lasting scars caused by burn injuries are extremely difficult for victims to deal with. At Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C. we help people put their lives back together after burns and other personal injuries, one step at a time.

If you or your loved one has suffered from a burn injury, contact Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C. for immediate legal advice and guidance. Our personal injury attorneys in Kingston serve clients suffering from any type of personal injury.

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Emotional Toll of Burn Injuries

Burns and their resulting scars can take an emotional toll that can affect the rest of the victim’s life. Disfigurements, discolorations, and disabilities caused by a burn can reduce a person’s self-esteem and overall self-image. The result is a lowered feeling of worth and a lessened standard of living due to depression, anxiety, or fear of judgement. When our Kingston burn injury attorneys, who also serve Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Ellenville, New York City, and the rest of the Hudson Valley, take on your case, we will be sure to include relevant damages for your emotional distress, known as nominal damages.

Causes of Burn Injuries

There is a nearly-countless number of ways you could receive a serious burn injury. At the root of most causes, however, is one thing: negligence. When people do not take safety seriously, either in the workplace or when manufacturing a potentially-flammable product, they put others at risk of suffering a burn. When another’s negligence or recklessness is the source of your burn injury, you should be able to receive ample compensation from them, either through a settlement or a verdict.

At Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C. we can represent you in any burn case, including:

  • Furnace and steam burns
  • Burns from car fires
  • House fire burns
  • Burns caused by hot food or beverages
  • Electrical burns
  • Wrongful deaths caused by severe burns
  • Burns that leave significant or facial scarring

Degree Severity of Burn Injuries

Successfully recovering compensation for your burn injury depends on the strength of your personal injury claim, which depends on your understanding of the situation as a whole. Before you can confidently pursue damages from another party, you should know the basics of burn categories.

Burns are categorized by escalating degrees of severity:

  1. First: Reddened skin that may be sensitive to touch; medical attention is not generally required beyond applying cool cloth and aloe to burn.
  2. Second: Top layers of skin is destroyed, causing painful blisters and sores; medical attention is required and prescriptions may be necessary for pain relief.
  3. Third: Flesh is destroyed to deep layers, sometimes damaging nerves and muscle tissue; pain will not initially be noticed due to nerve damage but will become excruciating as time goes on; immediate medical attention is required.
  4. Fourth: Burn is so severe, it damages bones and internal organs; skin is blackened; will prove fatal without immediate and intensive medical attention.

Fifth and sixth degree burns are possible but they are not considered medically survivable.

The Scars Left By Burns

Many burns require multiple revision surgeries in attempt to improve severe scars. When young children are burned, they often can't have these surgeries until they reach their teenage years and must live with terrible scars throughout their childhoods.

We believe that the responsible party, usually a property owner, driver, manufacturer or business, should be held responsible for causing a victim's severe burn and any resulting scars. Our team will help you fight for the compensation that you and your loved one needs to recover.

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