Construction Accidents from Slippery Conditions

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While construction sites by nature can be dangerous workplaces, when conditions become slippery due to rain, snow, ice or a spill, the risk of a serious accident occurring greatly increases. At Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C. our injury attorneys represent the victims of construction accidents in Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Ellenville, New York City, and throughout the Hudson Valley. Take a confident step forward in your case with over 100 years of combined experience on your side.

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Slippery Conditions Caused by Construction Materials

Slippery conditions are not only caused by the elements. Often, they are created by materials present at the construction site.

Materials that contribute to slippery conditions include:

  • Oils
  • Sprays
  • Insulation
  • Equipment fluids

When these materials are stored improperly, dangerous leaks can cause workers to fall and sustain fractures, lacerations, neck and back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and joint injuries.

Am I Eligible for More Than Workers' Compensation?

When construction professionals experience a serious personal injury, they sometimes do not realize that they may be entitled to more than a workers' compensation claim. If a negligent party was the cause of the accident, a construction worker can also file a personal injury claim. This can enable you to receive additional benefits that are not available under workers' compensation.

Though most people injured on construction sites are workers, sometimes pedestrian, guests, and passersby are victims of slippery conditions. No matter which category you fall into, we can represent you.

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At Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, P.C. we are veteran litigators who have recovered millions of dollars for clients, including numerous multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts. We know what it takes to file a claim, no matter how complicated a case is. Our construction accident attorneys in Kingston regularly take on cases that other attorneys find too difficult to win.

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