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Every driver needs to be aware of the dangers of hit and run accidents and what to do if one occurs. At Mainetti, Mainett & O’Connor, P.C., our Kingston car accident lawyers have handled injury claims throughout the Hudson Valley, including Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Ellenville, and New York for 100 combined years and can provide reliable legal counsel as you file your injury claim. We will be your support as you go through this troubling experience, taking on the difficult aspects of your case and potential litigation on your behalf. Let us prove to you that we are client-focused and results-driven. Dial 845.340.HURT for a free consultation.

What to Do After Being Hurt in a Hit & Run Accident

A hit and run accident is both incredibly dangerous and incredibly frustrating for the person who has been struck. At first, you might not know where to even begin and become understandably confused. Know that if you treat the situation like you would any other car accident, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding a way to receive financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

After being struck by a hit-and-run driver, be sure that you:

  • Emergency help: If you are injured, get the medical attention you need to stay safe and healthy. Do not hesitate to get emergency care just because you are not sure who will be liable for the bill later on.
  • Police: Committing a hit and run is a serious criminal violation. Let the police know what happened so they can attempt to track down the offender.
  • Evidence: Record or collect as much evidence regarding your accident as you can. Try to remember the color, make, and model of the vehicle. Ask anyone in the area if they saw anything – you never know when a witness knows more than you.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Recover

If there is no other driver to exchange insurance information with at the scene of your car accident, what can you do to attempt to collect proper compensation? With the help of our Kingston car accident lawyers, there is still a strong chance that you can recover comfortably. Hit and run accidents can be viewed as collisions with uninsured motorists, and your own insurance provider should acknowledge and respect that. If they are refusing to give you any deserved coverage, or if they are intentionally throwing you a lowball settlement amount, we might be able to use litigation techniques to get you the monetary reimbursement you need.

You should also never rule out what the police can do for you. It is entirely possible that their own investigations and dragnet could turn up the criminal offender. At that point, they would not only be subject to criminal penalties but you could also use a civil lawsuit against them, seeking damages for injuries, vehicle destruction, and lost wages.

Two additional forms of damages in a hit and run case include:

  1. Punitive: The offender pays you an amount as additional punishment for their criminal activity.
  2. Nominal: Hit and run victims often report the incident as traumatic. Nominal damages will reward you with monies for your emotional suffering.

Curious to know more about our legal services available to those hurt in hit and run accidents? Feel free to contact us 24/7/365. Don’t forget to ask us about our contingency fees!

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